VeriTweet is a new microblogging service that’s synchronized with Twitter.   VeriTweet allows its users to watch videos and view images on the fly, and has some more visual enhancements that add features to Twitter’s own functionality. However, the most important feature that sets VeriTweet apart from other micro-blogging tools is the ‘Verification bar’, which each verified account has. Yes, Twitter has verified accounts, but they’re mostly reserved for celebrities and for special occasions where heads of state, or celebrities, give Twitter worldwide exposure.   The idea behind VeriTweet? If having no people who’d spoil your name doesn’t suffice, the fact that information on comes only and only from trusted sources, makes it a really valuable resource for niche professionals, journalists, and individuals who simply want their identity protected. And that, as many occasions of identity theft made by pranksters, Twitter cannot offer.

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